How to Choose the Right Mattress if You’re a Stomach Sleeper

The right mattress isn’t just about the price, the comfort, and its overall appeal. You should also consider the position you prefer to sleep at night. Most people sleep on their side or on their back, but if you’re among those who sleep on their stomach (said to be seven percent), you have certain requirements that need to be met.

Are You a Stomach Sleeper?

Whether you have read about it or not, stomach sleeping isn’t recommended for most people. But some are just simply comfortable with this position as this is the only position that allows them to sleep quickly. While side sleeping and back sleeping styles are more common, sleeping on the stomach is something that is quite popular in people with back problems. Although it isn’t endorsed by medical experts, it’s a habit of backache sufferers to sleep on their stomach in belief that they can help relieve the physical pain they are feeling.

If you don’t have a back problem but you still sleep on your stomach, it is important that you factor in this specific preference when it comes to buying a new mattress. If you’re going to be sharing the bed, you should also know about his/her sleeping position as this will also affect the mattress choice to go for.

But what’s wrong with sleeping on your stomach? First of all, it’s not all that bad because it can actually reduce snoring. If you or your partner snores loudly at night, sleeping on the stomach can help alleviate the problem. The same thing happens with people who have sleep apnea since this sleep position can also diminish the condition. Unfortunately, it comes with some health disadvantages:

  • You’re putting a strain on your back.
  • You’re stressing your neck since it remains on one side for the rest of the night.
  • Stomach sleeping can cause poor sleep.
  • It can also lead to discomfort when you wake up in the morning because of the lack of sleep.
  • Pain in the spine may arise and this is actually a common complaint.

If you’re pregnant, you are advised not to sleep on your stomach as much as possible.

But while sleeping on your stomach is obviously not a good way to sleep, the last thing you probably want to hear now is its health disadvantages. Plus, it isn’t easy to just suddenly change your preferred sleep style. Whether you intend to modify it for health reasons or not, what’s really important is that you get enough sleep. This can lead to poor health as well if you don’t sleep enough and the right mattress can help you sleep better even if you’re a stomach sleeper.

Top 5 Mattresses to Consider

As a stomach sleeper, here are the top mattress choices that can help you wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested:

1. Amerisleep Americana

Our top pick is Amerisleep Americana, which comes in three sizes:

Queen $849
King $999
California King $999

This mattress proves that you don’t have to shell out extra cash to get a high-quality product that can suit your every requirement as a stomach sleeper. It is certainly less costly than other memory foam mattresses that don’t even sport the same features. Amerisleep is one of the trusted brands when it comes to mattresses where you can definitely find what you’re looking for without going over your budget.

This structure encourages more air flow, so that the sleeping surface is cooler and more comfortable.

Here are some questions and answers that you would want to know about the Americana from Amerisleep:
How firm is it?
The Americana has a medium to slightly firm feel depending on the person, since firmness is quite subjective. If you’re heavier than average, you would take the mattress a medium mattress, meaning not to soft and not too firm. Average-sized people may feel the mattress as slightly firm, meaning it’s firm, but not too firm.

There is no significant sinkage or hug that you will experience and you could sleep like you’re floating on the mattress. It still contours to the body shape and is actually comfortable despite its firmness.

How thick is the mattress?
The Americana has a total of 10 inches thickness profile.
How many layers does it have?
The mattress consists of two layers of memory foam:

1.      Top layer: This layer is constructed with comfort and support in mind and is a three-inch Bio-Pur memory foam.

2.      Second or bottom layer: This layer is for added support of the mattress, which is seven inches thick and is high density support foam. It also increases breathability, so the user sleeps coolly even during warm nights.

What is Bio-Pur?
Bio-Pur is exclusive to Amerisleep, which is plant-based memory foam that consists of high-tech open cell structure.
What about the cover?
The cover of the mattress uses Celliant and polyester as the main materials. Polyester is an exceptional base textile and is durable as well. Meanwhile, Celliant is a mineral thread that is thermoreactive and can absorb body heat, which is then converted into infrared light. This conversion has many health benefits, including reduced pain and improved blood flow.

As for the aesthetics, the cover is actually quite modern. It is thin, which promotes even better airflow. Plus, its thinness gives way to the sleeper to come in contact with the foams themselves.

How supportive is it?
As a stomach sleeper, you don’t want to sink in too much into the mattress. This is why a slightly firmer, such as the Americana mattress, is a good choice. It offers excellent support and is also quite responsive. You won’t feel that you’re in a quicksand and that you’re stuck in the mattress as well.
How about the warranty?
Amerisleep offers a very attractive warranty for this mattress. You get your full money back within the trial period of 100 nights and you can also get full replacement for the first 10 years of the warranty. The next 10 is prorated.

The Amerisleep Americana is an excellent choice for stomach sleepers mainly because of its right firmness. It has a balanced level of firmness as it still gives pressure relief and can easily contour to the body.

2. Purple

The Purple mattress is a little bit pricier than Amerisleep Americana with its queen size starting at $999. This mattress though isn’t like most other mattresses. It’s not memory foam and it’s not latex either; it’s made of hyper-elastic polymer. You’ve probably never heard about this material and that’s mainly because it’s quite new. But Purple is also harnessing it in its mattresses.

Here are some questions and answers about the Purple mattress:
How thick is the Purple mattress?
This mattress sports a 9.5 inches thickness.
How many layers are there?
The mattress comes with three layers that combine polymer and foam:

1.      Top layer: This layer consists of two inches of hyper-elastic polymer and is designed to give the user cool sleeping experience. This layer also aims to remove all kinds of pressure where it matters most.

2.      Middle layer: This layer is 3.5 inches thick and uses polyurethane foam as the main material. It complements with the top layer, so that the user enjoy deep compression and transitional support.

3.      Bottom layer: The foundational layer is made up of four inches of polyurethane foam and is thick enough to support the whole mattress.

How about the cover of the mattress?
The mattress cover contains a blend of three main materials, namely polyester, polyester-lycra, and viscose.
What does the combination of those materials achieve?
The combined materials allow the cover to be extremely breathable. It is also quite soft and stretchy – keep tugging and pulling and it will snap back in place without problems. With the cover on top of the first layer, the two work together so that no heat buildup happens.

When it comes to its physical appearance, the cover is also quite modern yet very classic at the same time. It is white with a diamond pattern at the top. The purple logo is embossed on the cover as well, which actually enhances the design.

How about the firmness?
The Purple mattress aims to provide a universal firmness, meaning it is not too soft, not too firm – just in between. You will feel as if you’re floating on the mattress if you’re lighter than 130 pounds. There’s also very little contouring of the body. If you’re about 130 to 150 pounds, you will sink deeper into the first layer and you’ll feel a slight hug. Meanwhile, if you’re heavier, expect the mattress to provide you with dramatic sinkage and contour.
How long is the warranty?
Unlike Amerisleep, you only have 10 years of warranty with the Purple mattress although you also have 100 nights of trial period.


The Purple mattress is indeed a good mattress for stomach sleepers who are looking for a medium feel mattress. It is quite unique when it comes to the materials it used, but it definitely works whether for cooling or for support and comfort.

3. Leesa


Leesa is just a new company compared to Amerisleep, which has been around for over two decades. But it’s one of the fastest rising mattresses, especially for people who sleep on their bellies.

It’s not as thin as other covers, but it still helps the mattress move air in and out of it.

Here are some questions and answers for the Leesa mattress:
What are the major components of the construction of the Leesa mattress?
The Leesa mattress has:

1.      Three layered foams

·         Top layer: This consists of the Avena foam, measuring two inches thick. It is patented foam that is actually comparable to latex, but is more durable. It is designed to provide cool sleep and great comfort.

·         Middle layer: Also two inches thick, this layer is now made from memory foam to provide pressure relief, deep compression support, and overall better support for the body of the sleeper.

·         Bottom layer: Finally, a six inch thick layer, this foundational layer supports the mattress. Like the layers on top of it, it is also breathable.

What kind of mattress is this?
The Leesa mattress is actually a hybrid mattress as it offers the benefits of the memory foam and Avena foam, which is an alternative to latex foam.
How is this different from the traditional Avena foam and memory foam?
As a hybrid mattress, Leesa aims to provide the benefits of both types of materials, while minimizing their negatives. Avena foam is almost like latex, but is more breathable. Meanwhile, memory foam is known for providing great comfort and support. However, some users say they sleep hot on this particular mattress. With the combination of Avena and memory foam, this mattress has a cooler top layer and great support all throughout.
How about the cover of the mattress?
The cover is just a single piece of fabric made from poly-lycra blend and it completely wraps itself around the mattress.
How firm is the mattress?
When it comes to firmness, this mattress is fairly neutral – neither soft, neither firm. It meets the requirements of most sleepers, including those who sleep on their stomachs, particularly those who are smaller or of average weight.
Is the mattress comfortable and supportive?
As for overall comfort and support, it is a thick mattress that provides enough support even for those who are heavy. As you lie down, you will immediately feel its softness and there is a little bit of hug around the body. Memory foam will start conforming to your body shape as you stay longer on the mattress.

Additionally, even though there are many issues with edge support in foams, Leesa mattress is quite durable whether you sit on the edge or sleep near it.

What about the warranty?
Leesa mattress offers 100 days trial and you can get your money back in full if you don’t like the mattress within that period. They also have a 10 year full replacement warranty.


The Leesa mattress is priced at $890 for the queen size. This mattress isn’t really good for side sleepers, but is recommended for stomach sleepers. Although it is described as a neutral mattress in terms of firmness, some people find it firm, which is actually great for those who sleep on their bellies.

4. Loom & Leaf

Loom & Leaf is another new manufacturer that sells factory direct mattresses online. While it is always a good idea to go for companies that have been around for years, Loom & Leaf is one of those that aim to please their customers. The mattress they offer is a luxury mattress that features high quality materials and is highly praised for its cooling features.

The King and the California King are both at $1,399.

Here are some questions and answers you would probably want to learn about Loom & Leaf mattress:
How thick is the mattress?
The Loom & Leaf mattress is 12 inches thick with a total of four layers:

·         Top layer: This layer is made up of two inches of four pound memory foam that is infused with cooling gel.

·         Second layer: The next layer consists of 2.5 inches of five pound viscoelastic memory foam that helps with body contouring and deep compression support.

·         Third layer: For this layer, it is two inches thick and further improves the support and comfort of the mattress.

·         Fourth layer: For the final layer, it is made of 5.5 inches of support base that holds the entire mattress together.

How is the cover like?
The cover is made from mainly from organic cotton with some natural thistle as well, according to Loom & Leaf. It is soft and breathable with a textured feel. It comes with 5/8 inch foam quilted in the cover to add more softness to it.

Aesthetically, the cover has a gold trim along the borders with handles along the sides, so you can move the mattress easily.

How firm is the mattress?
The mattress comes in two firmness variations. The first one is a neutral firm mattress, which is neither soft nor firm. The other one is the firmer version, which is quite firm and this is exactly what stomach sleepers should go for. However, if you’re not used to the firmness, the relaxed firm version can suit you as well.
How comfortable and cool is the mattress?
Loom & Leaf takes pride in the coolness the mattress offers. It has a breathable cover, has cooling gel, and even more cooling gel in the memory foam. The top layer comes with an inverted foam tip, which is actually useful in in providing channel for more improved airflow.
How much does the mattress cost?
If you’re looking to buy the queen size mattress for you and your partner, the mattress is priced at $999.
How about the warranty?
Loom & Leaf offers quite an attractive warranty than the industry standard of 10 years. You can get a replacement with limited coverage for up to 15 years. Trial period is shorter than the others in this list as it only has 75 days for you to try it and have your money back.

If you’re worried about the smell because most other new companies don’t really eliminate this problem, Loom & Leaf mattress doesn’t smell that much and it will disappear within 24 hours.

5. Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is an established company in the US, offering mattresses online. They have been around for quite a number of years and they have been providing sleepers with innovative products. What sets the mattress apart is its construction. And since the company has its own factory, Brooklyn Bedding has control over their products, including their costs, materials, and other specifications.

Because of these materials used, it is very soft and almost gives a subtle pillow top feel. Thanks to its cotton construction, the cover is quite breathable, giving a cool sleeping surface. Brooklyn Bedding is an online company, but it is one of the few that uses 100% latex as the comfort layers (top and middle). The four inches of latex provides the mattress a really superb bounce – better than traditional latex mattresses in the market. The added bounce is great for coupling activities and even prevents the feeling of getting stuck in the mattress. The latter makes the mattress ideal for stomach sleepers.

Here are some questions and answers that you’d probably want to know about the Brooklyn Bedding mattress before you buy it:
How thick is the Brooklyn Bedding mattress?
The mattress is 10 inches thick and comprises of three layers of foam:

·         Top layer: The first layer is made from Talalay latex and is two inches thick. It is made with comfort in mind, while it possesses characteristics of traditional latex, including great bounce and cooling.

·         Middle layer: This layer is also to improve the comfort provided by the mattress. It is two inches thick and is made from Dunlap latex, which is almost the same as Talalay latex. But the difference is that it’s more durable, which is why it is placed in the middle to help improve the longevity of the mattress.

·         Bottom layer: The six inch thick layer features high density polyfoam, which allows the mattress to remain breathable and gain additional support.

What is the cover made of? The cover is a blended fabric of polyester and cotton with a ¾ inch thick layer of polyfoam within.
How firm is it?
The mattress comes with three different firmness levels: soft, medium firm, and firm. For stomach sleepers, choose from medium firm to firm.
How is Brooklyn Bedding mattress different from other latex mattresses?
As mentioned above, the most defining characteristic of the mattress is how it is constructed.
How comfortable is the mattress?
The mattress provides good hug level and body contour. Sleeping on your stomach is not a problem as the mattress can give enough support.
What about the warranty?
There is a 120 day trial period, which is actually quite long. You’ll get your money back if you’re not happy with the mattress within that period. The warranty though is only for 10 years.

Brooklyn Bedding mattress is also great for couples who have different sleep style preferences. They have a Split California King, which is priced at $1,050 in contrast to the California King which is $900. The Split California King allows you to have varied firmness levels on either side in case only one of you is a stomach sleeper.

What Makes These Mattresses the Best Choices for Stomach Sleepers?

You’re probably wondering why those are the top 5 mattresses for people who sleep on their stomach. The key to finding the right mattress for this sleep position is to choose one that doesn’t let you sink too much into it because this could damage your back. The recommended firmness for stomach sleepers is medium firm as it is firm, but not too firm. This level of firmness keeps you from having you arch your back as you sleep. The mattress should also have enough support to give to your midsection.

The mattresses listed above vary from medium to medium firm to firm. They have excellent support for the whole body as they relieve pressure points. Plus, they will not give you that quicksand feeling you get when you lie down on a softer mattress.

Being a stomach sleeper requires you to have more support than other sleepers who sleep on their side or their back even if you have the same body type as them. A slightly firm mattress will do the job whether it is latex, memory foam, or whatever type of mattress you go for.

Proper Support for Stomach Sleepers

Proper support is probably the biggest concern when it comes to choosing the right mattress for stomach sleepers. Your stomach is heavy and carries a huge amount of your weight, so when you lie down on the mattress in that position, the pressure is right there. It will eventually build up in your upper body and this can lead to a restless sleep and back pain.

This is why a mattress, such as the ones listed above, needs to have great support to conform to your body, while providing adequate firmness level.

What if You Have Back Pain?

Sleeping on your stomach can bring up health problems and one that seems to be unavoidable, particularly if you’re using the wrong mattress, is back pain. Whether you already have back pain or it suddenly developed before you used your current mattress, it is important that you address the problem right away.

The mattresses above are recommended for stomach sleepers who have or don’t have back pain. The structures of the mattresses are special as they conform to the shape of the human body. Whether it is memory foam or any type of mattress, they can evenly distribute your body weight, so the other parts of your body, including your back and neck will be free from strain.

What if You’re Pregnant?

Health experts recommend pregnant women to avoid sleeping on their stomachs for obvious health reasons. Back sleeping is also unhealthy because of the additional weight that can put more stress on the back. Side sleeping is the best choice for expecting moms. But if you still sleep on your stomach, go for a medium firm mattress that can provide cushion to your body and at the same time provide support to various pressure points.

What if You’re Overweight?

Meanwhile, if you’re carrying extra weight and not because you’re expecting, go for the mattress that offers deep compression support. The more support it can provide, the better it is for you, especially when you prefer sleeping on your stomach. A hybrid mattress is actually quite useful here because it offers the benefits of memory foam while giving the great support of another material, such as latex. However, memory foam is also a good choice, especially with the right firmness.

Other Things to Consider

Aside from the ones mentioned (i.e. support, firmness), there are other things you should look into as you shop for a new mattress:

1. Pillows: Pillows are actually quite important when you buy a new mattress. Just like your mattress, pillows should also be replaced when they are worn. As a recommendation, change your pillows after two to three years. With the right pillow and the right mattress, your body and your head will be cradled correctly, helping you to avoid aches and soreness when you wake up.

 2. Mattress Type: While it is more about preference than the actual reason for buying, it does help to know which type of mattress to go for if you sleep on your stomach. Memory foam is generally the first choice, but you can also choose from hybrid and latex mattresses. Before you choose the type, examine the materials used in the product, get to know them, and make sure they can help provide ample support for your body.

3. Quality: Since you will be spending a huge percentage of your life in bed, you should ensure you have the best quality of mattress that your money can buy. While being pricey doesn’t always translate to excellence, the mattress you go for should provide you with all the necessities of a stomach sleeper, including comfort and support.

 4. Height: The height of the mattress is often taken for granted, but go for one that is at least 10 inches in height. The thicker the mattress is, the more support it can provide.

Mattresses to Avoid if You’re a Stomach Sleeper

The number one thing that stomach sleepers should remember is that they should avoid plush mattresses or those that are too soft. Even soft mattresses are not ideal, along with those that have pillow tops. They may be comfortable for many people, but they don’t provide the support your body needs, particularly your back. In truth, you’re exposing your back to more pressure and this can lead to pain. The same thing goes to your neck as a soft mattress will put this in improper alignment.

Generally, you don’t need edge support if you’re a stomach sleeper, especially if you don’t sleep or sit by the edge of the bed. But what’s really important is that the mattress offers you with enough support. Avoid a mattress that has few thin layers and the foundation isn’t strong enough. This will only cause you more pain especially when you wake up.

Coil spring mattresses aren’t recommended for people who sleep on their stomach because this doesn’t alleviate pressure points and can cause misalignment of the spine. Additionally, it is imperative that you change your old mattress. For the sake of physical health, change it before it damages your body and causes more aches and pains.

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