How to Choose the Right Mattress for Heavy People

When you shop for a mattress, there are some factors that may seem to complicate the task. For most people, their weight can be a problem given the fact that some manufacturers have limits on the weight capacity of their mattress. However, whether you’re heavy or not, this shouldn’t be a problem. With lots of choices available, you will definitely find the one that is right for you. All you need is patience and diligence, along with correct information and guidance.

Shopping for a Mattress if You’re Over 200 Pounds

The truth is the best mattress for heavy people usually shares the same attributes as those that are best for lighter people as well. However, as you begin your research, you will have to take note of the important factors, functionalities, and designs that are ideal for plus-size people so that they can enjoy an optimal experience as they use the mattress.

Whether you are shopping online or in stores, there are some questions you have to answer first as you start your shopping experience:

Q: Will you be sharing your bed? If so, what is your combined weight with the other person?

Nail this particular question down before you even start looking for a mattress. If you will be sharing the mattress with other people, be sure to know the total weight of those who will be using it. This will help you determine if the mattress model you’re looking at is good for the combined weight. Additionally, knowing the weight of each sleeper will give you a sense of the weight that will be focused on one area.

Q: What are your preferences when it comes to comfort?

Perhaps you are looking for a mattress with more cushion or you prefer it to be more structured. The good news is that there are a great number of options out there. But it is important to have a strong sense of your preference as well as your partner’s if you’re sharing the bed.

Q: Is this your primary bed?

If you’re just on the look-out for a secondary or a guest bed, you can always get away with something that is much cheaper, especially if you don’t expect a lot of visitors anyway. However, if it is your primary bed, you may want to spend a little bit more on it since you will be using it every night for several years to come.

Q: How much should you really spend on a mattress?

There’s no limit to how much you should shell out for your new mattress. As long as you can afford it, nothing can stop you. However, don’t forget that price isn’t the only thing that you should look at. There are actually a number of inexpensive mattresses that can provide you with the same sleeping experience as those with hefty price tags.

What’s worse is that the expensive models are actually inferior to the cheaper ones. Before you start shopping, set a budget range so you don’t go over your allocated budget and you can narrow your list down much easier.

Q: How do you know if the model you want is durable and will hold your weight (especially when you share the bed with another large person)?

There are many mattresses that can hold a heavy person’s weight. They are often comfortable as well. However, as time passes, you will notice that they don’t have enough support. One example is a spring mattress, which has a common complaint about it sagging. This can be a difficult problem for heavy people, particularly if they’re not looking to buying a new mattress in just a few years. If you really want a spring mattress, go for one that has isolated coils, so your weight is spread out. This will keep the mattress from sagging.

You can choose memory foam mattress instead of spring mattresses, since the former is a more durable type. However, you have to choose a good quality memory foam mattress since the lesser ones cave and typically develop softer spots. If you have extra budget, the most recommended type is latex because this is the sturdiest material. But no matter what type of mattress you choose, as long as the product is backed by a good warranty (at least 10 years), you can take advantage of the mattress’ life.

Q: Do you sleep hot or do you sleep cool?

This is actually a factor that most sleepers don’t consider when they buy a mattress, but it is actually one of the most important (and will be discussed further below). Most heavy people sleep hot and therefore, it is recommended that they go for memory foams, particularly those with open cell systems or gel beads. This type of memory foam disperses heat evenly.

Q: What type of sleep style do you prefer?

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, there is a mattress that is ideal for you. Depending on your answer to the question, you will need to look at the layering of materials and the depth of the mattress. Since back and stomach sleepers have their weight distributed evenly across the mattress, they don’t really have pressure points. Almost all decent mattresses today are designed to provide pressure relief. Meanwhile, if you’re a side sleeper, you have your weight concentrated on one side. You will want a deeper mattress for this and one that has excellent pressure relief with enough structure and support underneath, so that your spine will not curve as you sink into the mattress.

Important Factors in Choosing the Right Mattress

There are actually a lot of factors to consider and those could affect your buying decision for a mattress. However, there are three key aspects to look at that will help you arrive at the best mattress that not only supports your weight, but gives you a comfortable and sound sleep at night:

1. Mattress Thickness

This is perhaps the most obvious factor to look at, but many people still overlook the thickness of the mattress when shopping for a mattress. If you’re under 200 pounds, the recommended thickness for you is 10 inches, which would usually suffice your requirements. However, if you’re on the heavier side, you should go for a mattress that is at least 12 inches thick. This is not to say that you should avoid mattresses that are below 12 inches thick. There are some exceptions, especially with the fact that there are 10-inch thick mattresses that use unconventional foams that provide an extra thick layer. But as a general rule, look for one with a thicker profile, since a thicker mattress can provide more consistent support than a thinner one.

Going hand in hand with the thickness of the mattress is its deep compression support. Whether you’re overweight or you’re just larger than average people, you will create more pressure on the mattress. Thinner mattresses will fail to provide you with the support you need.

2. Mattress Firmness

Another important factor is the firmness level of the mattress. It is much easier to determine how firm the mattress should be if you know your preferred sleeping position. However, since you’re a heavy sleeper, the recommended firmness for you is medium to medium firm.

Aside from your sleep style, you should also consider your weight. Remember this:

The heavier you are, the deeper you sink into the mattress and the more pronounced the hug you will experience.

Some sleepers would think that high levels of sinkage means increased softness. But most of the heavier people find a firm mattress to be a little less firm for them compared to how the smaller people would perceive the firm mattress. This is because of the pressure they put on the mattress. Generally, if you’re more than 250 pounds, the level of sinkage will be from one to two inches wherein variations will depend on the mattress and your body type.

3. Mattress Edge Support

The best mattress for overweight people is one that also has excellent edge support. Of course you will mostly use your bed at night to sleep, but during daytime, you will also use it for other purposes. One is to simply sit on it to do some stuff. You will likely see yourself sitting on the edge of the bed. Surely you don’t want a mattress that will give in to your weight as you sit on it, so edge support is crucial – including for couple activities.

Aside from sitting on the edge, you will also need the strong edges for stability and durability. You don’t want the mattress to sag or collapse when you’re sitting or sleeping near its edge. Generally, if you’re looking for the best edge support, go for any of the following:

  • Coil on coil constructed mattresses
  • Spring mattresses
  • Hybrid mattresses featuring springs and foam

Oftentimes, foam mattresses fail to give good edge support. But this problem is decreased or even solved if the mattress has a thick profile.

Sleeping Hot on a Mattress

Most overweight people complain about this problem a lot. Sleeping hot is actually a term used when the mattress does not breathe well or provide ample ventilation at night. It gets worse if you share your bed with another large person, plus the sheets, comforter, or even your pets. You can get so uncomfortable very quickly. Since a bigger person has more mass, this means there’s more heat being generated. If the mattress doesn’t breathe well, you will find yourself up in the middle of the night, sweating, and getting rid of the covers.

In general, foam mattresses are warmer than hybrid or spring mattresses. Nowadays though, plenty of foam mattresses use advanced foam, which allow them to solve heat retention problems. But if you’re going for memory foams, don’t buy cheap, basic, or traditional ones. These foam mattresses will just absorb and retain heat and won’t provide you with the comfort you’re aiming for. Instead go for memory mattresses with cooling gel or layers and those with advanced open cell foam. Other types that will help you sleep coolly at night are:

  • Avena
  • Latex
  • Hybrid
  • Innerspring

How to Choose the Right Mattress Type

And talking about mattress types, here are the most popular ones on the market today:

1. Memory Foam

Large sleepers should look into memory foam as one of the types of mattress to buy. It is indeed a great option because it has many properties that will help give you a good night’s sleep. You have a choice whether to go for super soft or very firm, or something in between. There are also numerous ways of how the memory foam mattresses are constructed with variations in the make and materials used.

Memory foam is the type of mattress to go for if you’re looking for a mattress with good support and can help relieve pressure points. It can provide even and stable support, while contouring to your body no matter if you sleep on your back, stomach, or side. One really important thing to be observant about when it comes to memory foam mattress is the breathability. Make sure that the mattress you’re going to buy directly addresses the “sleeping hot” problem.

Pro Tip: Specifically look for memory foam mattress that use gel, open cell structure, or cooling layers. A cover that uses textile or cooling material will also help.

2. Latex

Another popular mattress type is latex, which is also a good option for those who are larger and heavier. Latex can provide cooling and comfort for the sleeper, whether he/she is heavy or not – usually even better than low-quality memory foam. Additionally, latex mattresses have better bounce than memory foam or poly foams. If you don’t want the hug to be as pronounced as that of memory foam, which has a sharp contour compared to latex mattress’ rounded contour. The sinkage and the hug contour are quite balanced in a latex mattress.

 3. Innerspring

Innerspring mattress can be a good option for heavy people, but it can also be quite bad. If you go for a cheap innerspring mattress, you can feel how it can create pressure points. Plus, with the construction nature of these low-quality mattresses, you can expect it to give inconsistent support.

Pro Tip: Look for an innerspring mattress with coil on coil construction, which means it uses two spring layers to improve the quality and feel of the mattress.

4. Hybrid

When a mattress is a hybrid, it means that it uses layers of foam or coils or both. Hybrid mattresses can be compared with innerspring mattresses, particularly when it comes to their cooling features. Hybrid offers improved airflow due to the coils. Plus, they have good edge support, bounce, and deep compression support. You can find hybrids that use memory foam, latex, and other types of foam in their layers. The main goal of a hybrid mattress is to minimize the negative traits of foam and coil, while highlighting their positives.

A Rundown on Mattress Traits to Look For

While hunting for the right mattress isn’t an easy task, here is a list of the qualities to look for in order to make the best decision:

1. At Least 10 Inches Thick – A thicker profile is just what you need to get enough support from the mattress. This is especially true if you are between 200 to 250 pounds. But if you’re over that range up to 300 pounds, have a mattress that is at least 12 inches thick to give you above average support and comfort.

2. With Deep Compression Support – The thicker the mattress, the better the deep compression support. If you’re bulky, you need this kind of support because you will exert more pressure on the mattress than people who are lighter than you. If you go for a thinner mattress or one that doesn’t have ample deep compression support, you will not feel comfortable at all.

3. Firm – As mentioned, the level of firmness of the mattress you buy should depend on the type of sleeper you are. However, most individuals who are on the heavy side feel more comfortable with medium to firm mattresses. You will get long lasting support, while stopping you from sinking into the mattress.

 4. With Support for Spine, Neck, and Hips – You don’t want a mattress that will make you sore and feel pain when you wake up. Your neck, spine, and hips are prone to pain and misalignment, particularly if the mattress you’re sleeping on is wrong. Look for a mattress that can help you take care of these parts of the body.

5. Sleep Cool – Since heavy sleepers tend to sleep hot, go for a mattress that will keep you cool all throughout the night.

6. Excellent Edge Support – Once again, support is needed and this time it is on the edge of the mattress. You don’t want a mattress that cannot support your weight when you sit or sleep near or directly on the edge.

7. Good Quality – There are lots of cheap mattresses available, but you should know the difference between cheap and inexpensive, particularly when shopping for a mattress. Don’t ever go for low-quality foam or even fiber fluff just to save money. These cheap mattresses will only compress, sag, or break down easily and quickly. You will end up spending more, since you will probably be compelled to buy again.

8. Long Trial Period – You need to make sure the mattress is sturdy and right for you. One way to know this is by taking advantage of the trial period. You should at least have 30 days to try the mattress.

9. High Weight Limit – The mattress you choose should clearly state the weight limit for the product, so you don’t end up breaking it. As a general rule, the weight limit should be above double your total weight. This is essential especially if you plan to share the mattress in the future.

10. Solid Mattress Frame or Foundation – Make sure you have a solid foundation or at least an adjustable base. This should be able to support you and your partner’s total combined weight, along with the mattress weight. Several consumers choose platform beds over box springs these days, because the latter are less durable as time passes.

Five Mattresses with the Above-Mentioned Mattress Traits

There are five mattresses that easily fit into the criteria given above. Here are the mattresses that you should definitely consider to get maximum comfort and value for money:

1. Amerisleep Americana

Amerisleep Americana is a mattress that gives you a medium to slightly firm feel. It has great support and excellent cooling that are perfect for heavy sleepers along with other qualities:

10  inches of memory foam:
·         Three inches Bio-Pur memory foam·         Seven inches for support foam
Celliant + polyester cover for better heat absorption
Special pain reduction abilities
Medium to slightly firm with substantial hug or sinkage levels
Very comfortable with good contouring to the body shape
Sleeps very coolly
Excellent support
High quality memory foam
Very cheap, starts at $749
100 nights trial period with 100% money back guarantee
Attractive warranty (20 years total):

·         Full replacement of the mattress for the first 10 years

·         Prorated for the other 10 years

What you will absolutely love about the Amerisleep Americana is that it is different than other mattresses in its price range. It is not only inexpensive, but also uses high-quality memory foam that is even more than what you pay for. Most mattresses also try to provide consumers with a neutral firmness, but not the Americana. Although it is slightly softer, it has that medium firm feel that will help you sleep at night without giving you that sinking into the mattress feeling. Even if you’re used to something softer, the Americana hits the spot by giving medium firm feel that will provide great pressure relief and contouring.

Why Amerisleep Americana

The Amerisleep Americana is recommended for heavy people who:

  • Don’t want a soft mattress, but not a very firm one either.
  • Want a cool mattress that uses advanced technology in the materials of the memory foam and the cover.
  • Want a trusted company since Amerisleep has been in the business for more than two decades with 10 years in the online world.
  • Want a thick mattress that looks stylish in any modern bedroom.

Amerisleep Americana is an economical choice, especially for heavy people interested in buying their first memory foam mattress.

2. Astrabeds HarmonyBed

If you’re not concerned with jumping into the bandwagon of memory foam mattresses, Astrabeds HarmonyBed may be for you. This latex mattress is a great option for heavy people as it offers customizability and luxury at the same time. It is pricier than Amerisleep Americana as it costs from $1,299, but it has some features that will surely fit your requirements.

10 inches thick
Three separate layers, each with three inch thickness
Each side can be customized based on firmness
Organic cotton cover
Three firmness options:

·         Soft (18 to 22 ILD)

·         Medium (24 to 30 ILD)

·         Firm (38 to 42 ILD

90 night trial period with money back guarantee
25 years warranty

What’s really great about the Astrabeds HarmonyBed is that it can be customized according to your needs and preferences. It is especially helpful for people who share the bed with their partner who may have a different sleep style or requirements. There are three separate layers of the mattress created with latex material and these three layers can be arranged to suit your own comfort. Plus, you can have one side of the mattress to have a different firmness level from the other, so you don’t have to comprise with your partner.

Why Astrabeds HarmonyBed

Here’s why you should look into the HarmonyBed from Astrabeds:

  • You’re looking for a customizable bed.
  • Your partner doesn’t have the same firmness preferences or sleep style as you.
  • You want an organic mattress.
  • You want to have a peace of mind with a mattress with no carcinogens, synthetic blends, and petroleum fillers.
  • You want a really long warranty.

Astrabeds is for heavy people in search for a new mattress that uses organic latex.

3. Winkbeds 15”

If you’re confused between memory foam and latex, here’s something you can consider: a hybrid mattress in the form of Winkbeds mattress. It is a luxury mattress, but at the same time, it is not that expensive.

15 inches thick
Coil on coil hybrid mattress
Five different layers:

·         2 inches of Euro-style pillow top

·         2.5 inches of foam encased coils with a total of 1,358 coils in queen size

·         4 inches of layer for edge support

·         7.5 inches of steel coil support with a total of 858 coils in queen size

·         Two inches of foam foundation

Soft and breathable cover
Medium firm
With ample bounce
101 days trial period with 10 years warranty

The coil on coil hybrid mattress Winkbeds 15” is definitely a good choice for heavy people. It provides support, comfort, and durability. The queen size mattress is priced at $1,299, which is a little pricier than Americana from Amerisleep. But if you have the budget, Winkbeds may suit your requirements. It is responsive, while it provides balanced sinkage and contour. It can help you sleep comfortably at night because it won’t leave you sleeping warm, thanks to its cooling gel encased in the first layer.

Why Winkbeds 15”

Winkbeds is a great choice for heavy people looking for a new mattress because:

  • It provides consistent support, not only across the bed, but also at the edges.
  • It helps distribute weight evenly, while conforming to the body shape without feeling stuck.
  • It’s not as noisy as other coil mattresses because the coils are wrapped using a cotton mesh.

The best feature of the Winkbeds mattress is its edge support. So if you’ll be doing a lot of sitting or you are used to sleeping near the edge of the bed, this just may be the right mattress for you.

4. Over Weight Bariatric Mattress

If you want a mattress that is especially designed for overweight or obese people, the Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Comfort Max 400 may just be for you. There’s also an option for people who are 300 pounds with Comfort Max 300.

10 inches thick
Supports up to 400 lbs.
Uses latex
With cotton blend fabric cover
5 inches of 36 ILD Talalay latex
With highly resilient base foam support
Made to order mattress
Customizable for your requirements
With 10 years warranty

The Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Comfort Max 400 is a firm bed and is suitable for people who are heavy as it is designed for body weights of up to 400 lbs. The queen size is priced at $1,199, which is not bad for a customizable bed. It is incredibly resilient and very durable. The mattress claims that it won’t attract pests and naturally anti-microbial.

Why Over Weight Bariatric Mattress                                                          

The mattress is obviously for heavy people and the following characteristics make it a great choice:

  • It provides good support as it is especially made for people who weigh up to 400 lbs.
  • It is a firm bed that will allow the sleeper to float on the surface of the bed instead of sinking into the mattress.
  • It comes with Talalay latex, which is a material that is quite firm and is partnered with Ultra Cell High Resiliency foam to provide a firm surface for sleeping.
  • The mattress has enough thickness that will support your body and your weight without sagging.

This mattress has excellent edge support as well, so you can sit or do other activities while near or even directly at the edge.

5. Nest Bedding Alexander

If you’re into luxury foam, Nest Bedding’s Alexander is something that you should check during your shopping process. The mattress is comfortable and uses organic materials.

13 inches thick
Four layers of foam mattress:

·         Four inches of gel memory foam for cooling

·         One inch of visco foam for support

·         Two inches of transition foam for more support

·         Four inches of base foam as the foundational base

With three firmness options:

·         Soft

·         Medium

·         Firm

Cover made from polyester and cotton
Medium feel mattress
101 nights trial period with full money back
20 years warranty

The Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress is for heavy people looking for a not too soft and not too firm mattress. It is a memory foam mattress that promises to keep you cool at night, since this is a huge issue on memory foam mattresses and for plus size individuals. The first layer is made of four inches of gel memory foam that can absorb heat and disperse it through the other parts of the mattress. It also provides excellent support and pressure relief, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Why Nest Bedding Alexander Mattress

The Alexander mattress from Nest Bedding is recommended for heavy people looking for:

  • A mattress with different options in firmness since this has three levels of firmness from soft to medium to firm.
  • A mattress with exceptional pressure relief as it has a balanced feel unlike most other memory foam mattresses.
  • A mattress that uses organic materials so that you don’t have to worry about the smell when you first use it.

The Alexander mattress will give you great comfort, support, and bounce, which makes this mattress a good option for heavy couples.

Making Your Choice

There are so many factors to consider when you shop for the right mattress for overweight people. You will want a mattress that fits your preferences and at the same time, it should also comply with your requirements. As you make your choice, don’t ever forget to ask about the weight limit of the mattress you intend to buy. As a general rule, you will be provided with a number that you can double because it simply specifies the weight of one person on one side of the bed. For instance, if the mattress has a limit of 300 lbs., this means that it can hold two people with this weight.

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